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Out of all the Notion templates out there, to-do lists must be the most frequent -- but most of the ones we've tried are too manual, based around a Kanban Board model. This means you need to add the item to the list, move it over to another column while you're working on it, then over to an archive column when you're done.

Truth be told, this isn't a workflow we're a fan of, so we took a different approach with our Notion To-Do List Template reverting to a standard list format, but infused with some smart filtering features to make it do the organization on your behalf so you can spend more time focusing on what's important like striking items off the list.

Keen to have a way to access all tasks associated with a particular project, the entire Notion To-Do List Template revolves around categories. You can add a new line item to a Project, Category or both. You can then create a view for each Project or Category, or filter on the fly, so you can view all of the tasks associated with them.

By default though the list will show you all of the outstanding tasks that need to be completed today. As you check each one off, it'll be removed from the list. You have the option to view all completed tasks, as well as all overdue tasks in the list, or look forward to see what's coming tomorrow or take a step back to view the entire month.

A less detailed version of our Notion Daily Schedule Template, which has options for different events and meetings, our Notion To-Do List Template also lets you set a reminder that'll ping all of the devices you're signed in to the Notion App on when the task is due (or earlier, depending on your notification preferences for reminders).

Unlike most of the Notion templates we release, this one is not free: We're selling it for $5 to cover the cost of the time we spent creating it. You'll be presented with a link to save the template to your Notion Workspace immediately after purchasing it and through email as well for safekeeping should you need to use it in the future.

You can save Notion templates through the Notion App for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, and through Notion for Web. We have some detailed instructions on Notion Wizard that'll walk you through how to save the template to your Workspace if it's your first time using one. In a sentence: Click the Duplicate button at the top.

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Notion To-Do List Template

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